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Can Feng Shui Help Me Set Up My Home Office?

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As more Americans go freelance, smart new live/work homes urgently need feng shui. As architects are coming up with new and fresh design solutions for your new live/work zones, feng shui can make a huge difference to your work and living. The more energy you put into your home/work spaces, the more they will work for you.

The live/work model has been around for centuries, for example, farmers, artisans, craftsmen and seamstresses. Years ago, doctors and professionals did business from a home environment. And in the sixties, self-employed creatives such as designers and architects embraced this trend.

If you’re running a business from home there are two questions you need to ask yourself.

  • Is my live/work home working for me or not?
  • If it’s not, what exactly do I need to do to make it work?

Feng shui has a set of tools that will boost your working and living environments that will bring measurable results. When ever times are difficult, our home becomes the last bastion of peace and security. You can benefit from the timeless wisdom of feng shui that has been enhancing the lives of countless people for more than 4000 years.

Distant consultations are also available.

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Send me a video or photos of your home or business and then we can talk on the phone. Another great option is to get on a live Skype video call and using the camera on your laptop or smart phone, walk me around your place.  Contact me for more info: 502 777 3586


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