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Creating a Feng Shui Sensation in Denver

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Will LeStrange’s approach to feng shui consulting is comprehensive and thorough. He combines his expertise in Traditional Compass School Feng Shui with practical experience, professionalism, and a genuine warmth and caring, which imbues his practice with a passion that is an inspiration to his clients. Mr. LeStrange will motivate and empower you to implement the most potent feng shui formulas until you achieve your personal and business objectives.
I am very happy to be able to recommend Will LeStrange highly for all varieties of feng shui consultation including residential, commercial and landscape consultations. You may trust him to do his very best for you.”

Davey Ray Moor, Composer

Lillian Too, famous international Feng Shui lecturer from Malaysia, and the world’s best-selling author of 46 books, created a “Feng Shui Sensation” during a powerful and stimulating 5-day Feng Shui conference at the Sheraton in Denver –  her first ever in the Denver area. This was a homecoming of sorts for Lillian who received her MBA from Harvard in the 1970’s.

Lillian attracted students from 13 states and 5 countries! Attending the conference were students from New Hampshire, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, Georgia, Florida, Ohio, Washington, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Virginia as well as several students from Massachusetts and the greater Boston area. Lillian’s supporters traveled as far as Canada, Slovenia, Uruguay, and Greece to learn Traditional Compass School Feng Shui from their favorite teacher and author.

Weaving in colorful case studies and personal anecdotes, Lillian generously shared a wealth of practical and powerful formulas with her students. A sampling of what was taught…

  • The Secret Ingredients of a Wealth Vase
  • Space clearing techniques using Lillian’s specially designed, handmade Singing Bowls and Bell.
  • Attracting the “Love of your Life” with Lillian’s new Magic Mirror
  • “Smart Feng Shui” for Health, Wealth & Happiness · How to use Good Fortune
  • Symbols in the Home, Office, & Garden
  • Protecting your Home or Business with the Four Celestial Creatures
  • Powerful Application of the 5 Elements using the Productive, Destructive, & Weakening Cycles
  • Application of the Pa Kua & the 8 Aspirations Formula
  • How to Protect Yourself from Deadly “Poison Arrows”
  • Transforming your life with the 8 Mansions Kua Formula
  • The Lo Shu Square and Advanced applications of Flying Star Feng Shui ·
  • How to use Lillian’s Custom Designed Luo Pan Compass

I had the pleasure of traveling to Malaysia last November to study with Lillian Too to receive my Master Practitioner’s Certification from the Institute of Feng Shui in Kuala Lumpur. Even after years of study, practice and advanced training in Malaysia, I was excited to learn several “precious pearls” from Lillian this week; information not published in any of her books. Many of Lillian’s new students are thrilled with the powerful Compass School formulas they learned in Boston and enthusiastically anticipate attending her Master Practitioner’s Course in Malaysia in June 2001. For further information, visit www.WOFS.com.

Feng Shui BaGua The talented Astrologer, Elliot Jay Tanzer from Fallbrook, CA was in great demand for personal consultations. James Moser, Chief Executive Officer and Sheree J. Deneen, Vice President of the Feng Shui Warehouse, Inc of San Diego, CA, expertly organized the Boston conference. They offered a wide variety of Lillian Too’s books as well as many popular Feng Shui products for sale. The Feng Shui Warehouse is also organizing the 4th International Feng Shui Conference scheduled for August 3-5 in Orlando, Florida. If you need a special incentive to attend …the dynamic and talented Lillian Too is the featured Keynote speaker! If you missed Lillian during her Denver or Los Angeles appearances, this is your final opportunity to see her in the United States in 2015. For further information on the Orlando Conference, visit www.fengshuiwarehouse.com.

I am grateful I had the rare opportunity to spend 5 days with Lillian Too this week as well as the pleasure of developing many wonderful friendships with other Feng Shui practitioners from all over the world who share my passion for Feng Shui!

A warm and heartfelt “THANK YOU!” to Lillian Too for her generosity of spirit in openly sharing her incredible depth of knowledge of Traditional Chinese Compass School Feng Shui! Lillian, We Love You! You are always welcome in Denver!

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