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How To Control Mystical Forces – Pt 3


Volume 1: The Basics Feng Shui

The first volume gives you an elaborate idea about the basics of Feng Shui and the fundamental concepts of BAGUA. This book will help you to understand the concepts, the theories and the basic principles behind the working of Feng Shui and Bagua (areas). This foundational book is essential for your core understanding of Feng Shui concepts. In this volume, the different Bagua have been discussed in detail so that once you come to know your KUA number and the eight (8) areas of your space, you can go through the relevant sections that deal in quick and easy Feng Shui tips. This will help you in applying Feng Shui in your business and home, to the entire house and to individual rooms as well.

Money matters a lot for all of us and it is money that needs to be properly managed so that you can avail it during times of urgent needs. In order to improve your finances, you should boost your ‘bagua area of prosperity’ of the house. This in turn will also help you in curtailing your expenses. Improving upon this area will also help you a lot in proper management of your funds. Placing Feng Shui coin, wealth vases, lucky cats, sailing ships, gold ingots…… will surely help in increasing the prosperity and income level. Go on to read this volume and discover more such objects that will bring in a lot of bright prospects.

Volume 2: The Bagua (or Pa Kua)Feng Shui

Feng Shui BaGua

The second volume is written with an objective to provide information about how to IMPLEMENT BAGUA (Baguas are spaces) for enhancing every aspects of your life. It may be your family, relationships, career, children, prosperity, reputation etc- all these can be improved with some simple enhancing bagua tips given in volume 2. If you employ the Feng Shui changes properly, you will soon realize that you are getting satisfactory results in your health, wealth and love life.

This section deals with bagua map areas related to family, prosperity, earth, creativity, career, children etc. The bagua map area that is related with earth is in the center of your home or business. It is often noticed that there are incidences of families breaking up, and the family members is holding the other members responsible for such break-ups. But according to Feng Shui the flow of happiness is to stay there as long as the living room is located at the west of the house. Likewise, if you want to excel in your career, the south of the house must be balanced according to the Feng Shui and this volume provides the necessary information to boost your career goals and objectives. The north, center and east has their own influences in your life and here in this volume you will find a lot of such tips that can prove to be useful in your daily life. If you are worried about your children, then it is here that you can find solutions to the various problems faced while bringing up your child. Read on to find more about the section on creativity and children.

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