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How To Control Mystical Forces – Pt 4

Volume 3: Implementation

The third volume discusses how the Feng Shui principles and bagua can be implemented in your office, office-home and the place where you reside. This book is a specialized approach where you will get to know every detail about utilizing the positive energies of the universe, which are based on scientific studies. This volume also mentions about a wide range of Feng Shui products from which you can choose one accordingly. The products mentioned in this e-book are easily available in the nearby stores selling Feng Shui products. Every product adds beauty and glamor to the place where you place it and allows a constant flow of positive energy. The book also includes a section on FAQ, which tries to answer all your queries related to Feng Shui. Do you know that you are unknowingly inviting misery when you are using old furniture in your office? This volume will help you to harness the tremendous potential of Feng Shui in attracting wealth and health. Placing a table between two chairs helps in breaking the barriers between two people. Do not keep two chairs facing each other or else it can lead to confrontation. More on such topics are discussed here in detail.


These three articles have been prepared to expose the blend of ancient art and science of mystical energies and “vibes”, which we receive from the environment we live in, be it our home or office. They will guide you easily from understanding to implementation.

The BaGua Map

The BaGua Map

If you are not able to take control of these energies on your earnings, health and love life, you may be inviting negativity to your home or office and ultimately in your life. You may not even realize this.

Never has any book been able to reveal the vast mystery of Feng Shui. Get my program, learn the basics and follow my easy steps to transform your office and home accordingly. You will see positive results pouring in. For the betterment of health, wealth, and love you can just make some simple changes I guide you through. If you have any questions I give you free access to a members area where you can ask any questions that I will answer.

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