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Some More Happy Feng Shui Clients

Feng Shui Testimonials For Will LeStrange

“Thanks to Will LeStrange, my personal Feng Shui Consultant, I have experienced truly wonderful “change” in my life. A year ago Will introduced me to some basic feng shui principles. After applying these principles to my new office, I was promoted to Vice President, received a significant salary increase and a most generous Christmas bonus.

I love my office! It has great energy, it is a reflection of who I am and I find that people are drawn to my office as much as I am. I am still working on my office; it is an on-going process for me. I am truly enjoying it. I am slowly working on my home as well.

Mary encouraged me to celebrate the Chinese New Year. I went all out and decorated my office and home. We held a celebration in the office and at my home. It was a blast! Lots of fun and lots of good energy!!

Feng Shui is enlightening, fun and can definitely make a difference in your life. I feel very blessed that Will has helped me.”
Jon Cohen


feng shui for public spaces“One of the areas we focused on in our Feng Shui consultation with Will was wealth and prosperity. With her guidance, we made a few changes in placement of objects in our home. Within three months, my husband had received a new job offer at 135% of his current salary! He ultimately passed it up, as the commute would have been a tremendous burden. However, we know that same great-paying job is out there somewhere within commuting distance of home, and we’re confident it will manifest itself soon.”

Centennial, CO
“During a feng shui consultation, Will takes great care to gently work with people’s emotions and express their values in her recommendations. I felt very comfortable sharing my dreams with Will and opening my home to the world of feng shui. He translates a very comprehensive set of feng shui principles to a deeper, more personal level and patiently explains “why” changes need to be made. If you have tried this on your own, you’ll appreciate how Will simplifies the process. More importantly, he works with what you have to make the experience flow and pick up more energy as it goes. Will lights the spark and inspires her clients to achieve their personal dream.

Implementing Will’s recommendations has been a rewarding process. I threw away and donated “stuff” that didn’t fit my life anymore. What a great feeling it was to clear space for the new design! Having fun and laughing over good times with family and friends while getting organized to use the antiques and pictures with intention. I became very clear about which goals and dreams were important to me. I then sent a clear message to the universe through a more conscious placement of color, artwork, decorations and furniture.

I’ve now created the home I always dreamed of. It is decorated with love, a beautiful blend of texture and variety, relaxing yin and vibrant yang energies…soft candlelight and music. The people I love are relaxed and feel very comfortable in my new environment. My home is fun and now conducive to warm intimate visits with family and friends.”

Aurora, CO

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